• March 23, 2021
  • TMK Media

After UNHRC’s Failure to Uphold Justice, the Safety of Tamils is in the Hands of UN Member States

Today’s UN Human Rights Council resolution on Sri Lanka has failed to uphold justice.

It is disappointing that the resolution failed to prescribe any clear measures to ensure justice and human rights in Sri Lanka.  In this way,  the international community has given Sri Lanka yet another chance and still more time to amend its behaviour, despite Sri Lanka having withdrawn its earlier commitment to cooperate with the UNHRC.

The resolution has directed the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to collect, preserve and analyse evidence for future war crimes investigations. But it remains to be seen how this will unfold.

My concern is that in the two years given to Sri Lanka, the government will commit serious human rights violations against our people.

In particular, our lands will be plundered.

Therefore, the member countries of the Human Rights Council are responsible for the dangers that will befall the Tamil people during these two years. They are responsible for the safety of our people.