Founder’s Profile

Justice C.V.Wigneswaran had been a Career Judge for over Quarter of a Century and retired as Judge of the Supreme Court in 2004. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the London University and Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya. He also completed his Proctors Finals (Solicitors) and Advocates Finals (Barristers) and practiced as Attorney at Law for 15 years before joining the Original Judiciary.

He was among the first in Sri Lanka and elsewhere to have started lectures in Law in the Tamil Language at a time when Law Books in Tamil were not available.

He was the first Chief Minister of the first Northern Provincial Council having been elected with a record 133000 odd Votes in September 2013. The second candidate at the said election received 88000 odd Votes.

Mr.Wigneswaran has written books on Hinduism in Tamil and English. His Public speeches have recently been published. He has written several articles in Law, Religion and Social themes both in English and Tamil. Number of his literary contributions have been published serially in News Papers. He has been an office bearer in a number of Social, Literary, Religious organizations apart from being active at the Old Boys’ Union of Royal College, Colombo.

A widower, his elder son is Senior State Counsel at the Attorney General’s Department and his younger son is Associate Director, Customer Development Division, Fontera Brands Lanka Pvt. Ltd.

While Chief Minister he together with other prominent Civil Society personalities established the Tamil Peoples’ Council (TPC) a Civil Movement interested in obtaining the legitimate rights of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.