• September 23, 2021
  • TMK Media

MP Kajendran’s Arrest: There is No Law Which States We Cannot Remember Our Dead

I just saw a video footage of Hon. Selvarasa Kajendran Parliamentarian being dragged by the Police and taken in a Police vehicle. He is said to have participated in a function to remember the dead. An MP being dragged by the Police like a common criminal is a high handed act. To my knowledge there is no law which states we cannot remember our dead.

Even the relatives of a criminal like Duminda Silva or Army officer Ratnayake both of whom were recently released on a Presidential Pardon have the right to remember them if they are no more. They were found to be criminals by Courts of competent jurisdiction. This act of the Police shows the extent to which dead persons are disturbing the conscience of the powers that be. Possibly they find it difficult to sleep peacefully without being disturbed by dead spirits.

Although Kajendran has been released on bail, if the Government thinks such acts of wanton provocation would put fear into our people they are sadly mistaken. Such high handedness will expose the Government and make our people more determined to fight for political self determination in this country.