• August 7, 2020
  • TMK Media

கறுப்பு உடை அணிந்த இராணுவம் விக்னேஸ்வரனுக்கு இடையூறு – அஞ்சமாட்டேன் என்று ஜனாதிபதிக்கு கடிதம்


His Excellency GotabhayaRajapakse

Presidential Secretariat

Colombo 01

May it please your Excellency!

Withdrawal of the Military from the North and East during the Parliamentary Election 2020

The continued presence of the Military in the Northern Province would be hampering a free and fair Election on August 5th. May I suggest with all humility that the Military be restricted to their barracks during the Election? I fail to see the need for such concentrated presence of the Armed Forces in the North at this time.

Yesterday (28th July 2020) there was a surprising incident.While I was on stage at an Election Meeting at Gurunagar last night around 8 pm 14 soldiers attired in completely black uniforms (Black Cats?) on Motor Cycles (two each in seven motor cycles) drove into the arena of the Meeting made disturbing noise with their raised engines, perambulated around and waited until I left the meeting after a few minutes. Then when my car went out of the area of the meeting the seven motor cycles with 14 men on them rode around my car , parked for some time on the sides, cut into the path of the car and drove on  single file in front until they disappeared into a side lane. My Police were with me in the car. I am not sure if they wanted to convey a message to me. But such activities just before the Election, though they would not scare an old veteran like me, might convey the wrong message to the People which might curtail the voting process.

I hope this incident would be investigated and acted upon. May the Parliamentary Election 2020 in the Northern Province be free and fair undisturbed by the presence of the Army. Thank you.

Yours truly,



Justice C.V.Wigneswaran

Leader of ThamizhMakkalThesiyaKootani

Secretary General, ThamizhMakkalKootani

Former Chief Minister

Northern Province



  1. Hon’ Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
  2. Chairman, Election Commission